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Frank Lloyd Wright

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Frank Lloyd Wright was born in Richland Center, Wisconsin in 1867. He and his family settled in Madison, Wisconsin in 1877. He was educated at Second Ward School, Madison from 1879 to 1883. After a brief sting at the University of Wisconsin where he took some mechanical drawing and basic mathematics courses, also he became a professional architectural draftsman.
Wright departed for Chicago where he spent several months in J. L. Silsbee's office before seeking employment with Adler and Sullivan.

Greatly influence by traditional Japanese architecture;
Wright evolved a new concept for interior space in architecture. Rejecting the existing view of rooms as single-function boxes, Wright created overlapping and interpenetrating rooms with shared spaces. He designated use areas with screening devices and subtle changes in ceiling heights and created the idea of defined space as opposed to enclosed space.

Through experimentation, Wright developed the idea of the prairie house - a long, low building with hovering planes and horizontal emphasis. He developed these houses around the basic crucifix, L or T shape and utilized a basic unit system of organization.
He integrated simple materials such as brick, wood, and plaster into the designs.

In 1914 Wright lost his wife and several members of his household when a servant burned down Taliesin, his home and studio in Wisconsin. Following the tragedy, he re-directed his architecture toward more solid, protective forms. Although he produced few works during the 1920s, Wright theoretically began moving in a new direction that would lead to some of his greatest works.

Walter Burley Griffin was among the many notable architects to emerge from the Wright studios. In 1932 Wright established the Taliesin Fellowship - a group of apprentices who did construction work, domestic chores, and design studies. Four years later, he designed and built both Fallingwater and the Johnson Administration Building. These designs re-invigorated Wright's career and led to a steady flow of commissions, particularly for lower middle income housing. Wright responded to the need for low income housing with the Usonian house, a development from his earlier prairie house.
The key concepts of his new style are illustrated in Fallingwater.

During the last part of his life, Wright produced a wide range of work. Particularly important was Taliesin West, a winter retreat and studio he built in Phoenix, Arizona. He died at Taliesin West in 1959.

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CHRONOLOGY of Frank Lloyd Right's work and life.

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Rev. William Russell Cary Wright and his wife Anna Lloyd Jones Wright (Wright's parents) move to Richland Center where Rev. Wright becomes the first minister of the newly established Baptist Church.


Frank Lloyd Wright born in Richland Center, WI on June 8. He is the first child of William Russell Cary Wright and Anna Lloyd Jones Wright.


Wright family moves to McGregor, IA. Subsequent moves take the family to Pawtucket, RI and Weymouth, MA.


Anna Lloyd Wright introduces the "Froebel Kindergarten" training to her son.


The Wright family moves to Madison, WI. Wright spends the summer months at the James Lloyd Jones farm near Spring Green, WI in the 1880s.


Wright's parent's divorce and his father leaves Madison. Wright takes a part-time job as a draftsman with Allan D. Conover, University of Wisconsin engineering professor, who is serving as construction superintendent for the new Dane County Courthouse and a complex of campus buildings including the new Science Hall.


Wright attends University of Wisconsin as a special student. Also involved in the work of building the Lloyd Jones family chapel - Unity Chapel near Spring Green, dedicated in August, 1896. Official architect was Joseph L. Silsbee.


He leaves Madison for Chicago, finding employment first at the office of Joseph Lyman Silsbee and eventually with the architectural firm of Adler and Sullivan. Plays a significant role in the design of the original Hillside Home School, (demolished in 1950) credited to Silsbee but claimed by Wright as his own.


Wright marries Catherine Lee Tobin. Designs his own home in Oak Park, IL.

Frank Lloyd Wright Home, Oak Park, IL


Wright is assigned all residential design handled by Adler and Sullivan. Birth of Lloyd, first of six children by Catherine.

House for James Charnley, Ocean Springs, Mississippi House for W.S. MacHarg, Chicago, IL Cottage and Stable for Louis H. Sullivan, Ocean Springs, Mississippi


House for James Charnley, Chicago, IL


Wright leaves offices of Adler and Sullivan

House for George Blossom, Chicago, IL

House for W. Irving Clark, La Grange, IL

House for Robert Emmond, La Grange, IL

House for Thomas Gale, Oak Park, IL

House for Dr. Allison Harlan, Chicago, IL (dem)

House for Robert Parker, Oak Park, IL

House for Albert Sullivan, Chicago, IL (dem)


Wright opens his own practice.

House for Walter Gale, Oak Park, IL

Cottage for Robert Lamp, Madison, WI (dem)

Lake Mendota Boathouse, Madison, WI (dem)

House and Stables for William H. Winslow, River Forest, IL

House for Francis Wooley, Oak Park, IL

Playroom addition on Wright's Oak Park Residence


First exhibition of Wright's work is held at the Chicago Architectural Club, Daughter Catherine Lloyd Wright is born.

House for Frederick Bagley, Hinsdale, IL

House remodeling for Dr. H.W. Bassett, Oak Park, IL (dem)

House for Peter Goan, LaGrange, IL

Four Houses for Robert Roloson, Chicago, IL


Second exhibition of Wright's work held at the Chicago

Architectural Club. Son David Samuel Wright is born.

Francis Apartments for Terre Haute Trust Company, Chicago, IL (dem)

Francisco Terrace Apartments for Edward C. Waller, Chicago, IL

House for Nathan G. Moore, Oak Park, IL

Edward C. Waller Apartments, Chicago, IL (dem)

House for Chauncey Williams, River Forest, IL

House Remodeling for H.P. Young, Oak Park, IL


Wright writes the lecture "Architecture, Architect, and Client," and a credo entitled "Work Song"

House for H.C. Goodrich, Oak Park, IL

House for Isidore Heller, Chicago, IL

House Remodeling and Stables for Charles E. Roberts, Oak Park, IL

Romeo and Juliet Windmill Tower, Spring Green, WI

House for George Smith, Oak Park, IL


Wright moves his office to Steinway Hall, Chicago

House for George Furbeck, Oak Park, IL

Boathouse for Henry Wallis, Lake Delavan, WI (dem)


Exhibition of Wright's work at the Chicago Architectural Club

Daughter Frances Lloyd Wright born.

River Forest Golf Club, River Forest, IL (dem)


Exhibition of Wright's Work at the Chicago Architectural Club

House for Joseph Husser, Chicago, IL (dem)

House remodeling for Edward C. Waller, River Forest, Ill. dem)


Wright delivers lecture "The Architect" at the Second Annual Convention of the Architectural League of America. He writes the lecture "A Philosophy of Fine Art" and "What is Architecture?" as well as articles on Japanese prints and the culture of Japan. An exhibition of Wright's work is held at the Chicago Architectural Club.

House for William Adams, Chicago, IL

House for Harley Bradley, Kankakee, IL

Summer Cottage for Stephen A. Foster, Chicago, IL

House for Warren Hickox, Kankakee, IL

Boathouse for Fred B. Jones, Lake Delavan, WI

House Remodeling and Garage for Warren McArthur, Chicago, IL

Summer Cottage for E.H. Pitkin, Sapper Island, Desbarats, Ontario, Canada

Summer Cottage for Henry Wallis, Lake Delavan, WI


Wright delivers his lecture "The Art and Craft of the Machine" at Hull House in Chicago. An exhibition of Wright's work is held at the Chicago Architectural Club.

House for E. Arthur Davenport, River Forest, IL

House for William Fricke, Oak Park, IL

House for F.B. Henderson, Elmhurst, IL

House for Fred B. Jones, Lake Delavan, WI

River Forest Golf Club Additions, River Forest, IL (dem)

House for Frank Thomas, Oak Park, IL

Exhibition Pavilion for Universal Portland Cement Company, Buffalo, NY (dem)

Poultry House, Stables and Gates for Edward C. Waller, River Forest, IL (dem)

Gatehouse for Henry Wallis, Lake Delavan, WI

House for Ward W. Willits, Highland Park, IL


Wright meets William E. Martin and Darwin D. Martin, future clients and patrons. Exhibition of Wright's (and others') work is held at the Chicago Architectural Club

House for Susan Lawrence Dana, Springfield, IL

Double Cottage for George Gerts, Whitehall, MI

Cottage for Walter Gerts, Whitehall, MI

House for Arthur Heurtley, Oak Park, IL

House Remodeling for Arthur Heurtley, Les Cheneaux Club, Marquette Island, MI

Hillside Home School, Spring Green, WI

House for Francis W. Little, Peoria, IL (dem)

House for William E. Martin, Oak Park, IL

House for Charles R. Ross, Lake Delavan, WI

House for George W. Spencer, Lake Delavan, WI


Son Robert Llewellyn Wright born

Abraham Lincoln Center for Jenkin Lloyd Jones, Chicago, IL

House for George Barton, Buffalo, NY

House for Edwin H. Cheney, Oak Park, IL

Barn, Stables and Gatehouse for Fred B. Jones, Lake Delavan, WI

Larkin Company Administration Building, Buffalo, NY (dem)

Scoville, Park, Fountain, Oak Park, IL

House for J.J. Walser, Chicago, IL


Wright attends the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in Saint Louis. Wright's father, William Cary Wright (1825-1904) dies. Buried in small graveyard in Bear Valley near Lone Rock, WI.

House for Robert M. Lamp, Madison, WI

House for Darwin D. Martin, Buffalo, NY

Unity Temple, Oak Park, IL

House for Burton J. Westcott, Springfield, OH


Wright and his wife, Catherine, make their first trip to Japan, accompanied by Wright's clients Mr. and Mrs. Ward Willits. Wright begins collecting and dealing in Japanese prints.

House for Mary M.W. Adams, Highland Park, IL

House for Hiram Baldwin, Kenilworth, IL

House for Charles E. Brown, Evanston, IL

Real Estate Office for E.A. Cummings, River Forest, IL(dem)

E-Z Polish Factory for William E. and Darwin Martin, Chicago, IL

Three Summer Cottages for Mrs. Thomas Gale, Whitehall, MI

House for W.A. Glasner, Glencoe, IL

House for Thomas P. Hardy, Racine, WI

House for William R. Heath, Buffalo, NY

House for A.P. Johnson, Lake Delavan, WI

Lawrence Memorial Library, Dana House, Springfield, IL

Gardener's Cottage for Darwin D. Martin, Buffalo, NY

Rookery Building, Interior Remodeling, Chicago, IL

Bank for Frank L. Smith, Dwight, IL


Wright exhibits his collection of Japanese Hiroshige prints at the Art Institute of Chicago.

House Remodeling for P.A. Beachy, Oak Park, IL

House for K.C. DeRhodes, South Bend, IN

House for Grace Fuller, Glencoe, IL (dem)

House for A.W. Gridley, Batavia, IL

House for E.R. Hills, Oak Park, IL

House for P.D. Hoyt, Geneva, IL

House for George Madison Millard, Highland Park, IL

House for Frederick Nicholas, Flossmoor, IL

Pettit Mortuary Chapel, Belvidere, IL

River Forest Tennis Club, River Forest, IL

House for Frederick C. Robie, Chicago, IL

House Remodeling for C. Thaxter Shaw, Montreal, Canada (dem)


Exhibition of Wright's work is held at the Chicago Architectural Club

Garage for George Blossom, Chicago, IL

House for Avery Coonley, Riverside, IL

House Remodeling for Col. George Fabyan, Geneva, IL

Fox River Country Club Remodeling, Geneva, IL (dem)

House for Stephen M.M. Hunt, La Grange, IL

Larkin Company Exhibition Pavilion, Jamestown, VA (dem)

Emma Martin House Additions to the Fricke House, Oak Park, IL

Pebbles and Balch Remodeled Shop, Oak Park, IL(dem)

Tan-y-deri House for Andrew Porter, Spring Green, WI

House for F.F. Tomek, Riverside, IL


German philosopher Kuno Franke meets with Wright in Oak Park, the Wasmuth portfolio would be the result of this meeting. Japanese prints from Wright's collection are exhibited with other collections in a major exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago.

House for E.E. Boynton, Rochester, NY

Bitter Root Inn, near Darby, MT (dem)

Browne's Bookstore, Chicago, IL (dem)

Como Orchards Summer Colony, Darby, MT

House for Walter V. Davidson, Buffalo, NY

House for Robert W. Evans, Chicago, IL

House for Eugene A. Gilmore, Madison, WI

House for L.K. Horner, Chicago, IL(dem)

House for Meyer May, Grand Rapids, MI

House for Isabel Roberts, River Forest, IL

House for Dr. G.C. Stockman, Mason City, IA

Garage for William H. Copeland, Oak Park, IL


Wright leaves his practice and family for Europe accompanied by Mamah Borthwick Cheney

House for J.H. Amberg, Grand Rapids, MI

House for Frank J. Baker, Wilmette, IL

City National Bank and Hotel, Mason City, IA

Robert Clark House Additions to the Little House, Peoria, IL

House Remodeling for Dr. W.H. Copeland, Oak Park, IL

House for Mrs. Thomas Gale, Oak Park, IL

House for Kibben Ingalls, River Forest, IL

House for E.P. Irving, Decatur, IL

House for Robert Mueller, Decatur, IL

House for Oscar M. Steffens, Chicago, IL (dem)

House for George Stewart, Montecito, CA

Stohr Arcade and Shops, Chicago, IL(dem)

Thurber's Art Gallery, Fine Arts Building, Chicago, IL(dem)

Bathing Pavilion for Edward C. Waller, Charlevoix, MI

House for J.R. Ziegler, Frankfort, KY


Wright returns from Italy where he, his son Lloyd and others had worked on illustrations for "Ausgefuhrte Bauten and Entwurfe von Frank Lloyd Wright," in Berlin by Ernst Wasmuth.

Blythe-Markley City National Bank Building and Hotel (1909) and Law Office Remodeling (1910) Mason City, Iowa (law office dem.)

Universal Portland Cement Company Exhibition Pavilion, Madison Square Garden, New York (dem)

House for Reverend J.R. Ziegler, Frankfort, KY


Wright begins building a new home and studio near Spring Green, WI. He calls the complex Taliesin.

House for Herbert Angster, Lake Bluff, IL (dem)

House for O.B. Balch, Oak Park, IL

Banff Park Pavilion, Banff National Park, Alberta Canada (dem)

Playhouse, Gardener's Cottage and Stables for Avery Coonley, Riverside, IL

Lake Geneva Inn, Lake Geneva, WI (dem)

Taliesin I, Spring Green, WI (partly dem)


Wright opens an office in Orchestra Hall, Chicago. He publishes "The Japanese Print: An Interpretation."

Playhouse for Avery Coonley, Riverside IL

House for William B. Greene, Aurora, IL

House for Francis W. Little, Wayzata, Minnesota

Park Ridge Country Club Remodeling, Park Ridge, IL (dem)


Wright visits Japan to secure commission for the Imperial Hotel and to acquire Japanese prints for American clients.

House for Harry S. Adams, Oak Park, IL

Midway Gardens, Chicago, IL (dem)


A crazed servant kills Mamah Cheney her two children and four others, then sets fire to Taliesin. Wright begins immediately to rebuild. Wright meets Miriam Noel whom he later marries.

The exhibition "Frank Lloyd Wright" is held at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Taliesin II, Spring Green, WI


Wright sails to Japan with Miriam Noel and opens an office in Tokyo.

House for Emil Bach, Chicago, IL

House for Sherman Booth, Glencoe, IL

House for E.D. Brigham, Glencoe, IL

A.D. German Warehouse, Richland Center, WI

Imperial Hotel (1915) Tokyo, Japan (dem) (Entrance lobby reconstructed in 1976 in Meiji Village)

Ravine Bluffs Bridge and Housing, Glencoe, IL


While working on the Imperial Hotel, Wright makes several trips back to the U.S. to supervise work going on in his Los Angeles office.

House for Joseph Bagley, Grand Beach, MI

House for Frederick C. Bogk, Milwaukee, WI

House for W.S. Carr, Grand Beach, MI

Imperial Hotel Annex, Tokyo, Japan

Duplex Apartments for Arthur Munkwitz, Milwaukee, WI (dem)

Duplex Apartments for Richards Company, Milwaukee, WI (both duplex apts are the American System Ready-Cut)

Two Small Houses for Arthur L. Richard, Milwaukee, WI

House for Ernest Vosburgh, Grand Beach, MI


Prints from Wright's collection offered for sale in an exhibition

House for Henry J. Allen, Wichita, Kansas

Hollyhock House for Aline Barnsdall, Los Angeles, CA

House of Aisaku Hayashi, Tokyo, Japan

House for Stephen M.B. Hunt, Oshkosh, WI


Wright goes to China. He visits the monuments and art treasures of China as a guest of Ku Hung Ming, a noted Chinese writer.

House for Arinobu Fukuhara, Hakone, Japan (dem/earthquake)

House for Tazaemon, Yamamura, Ashiya, Japan


Wright receives his first citation, "Kenchiko Ho, Royal Household Japan" conferred by the Imperial Household.


Wright's mother Anna, visits him in Tokyo

Residence A for Aline Barnsdall, Los Angeles, CA


Jiyu Gakuen School, Tokyo, Japan

Residence B for Aline Barnsdall, Olive Hill, Los Angeles, CA


Wright opens an office in Los Angeles. Wright and Catherine are divorced.

Harper Avenue Studio for Frank Lloyd Wright, Los Angeles, CA


Wright's mother, Anna, dies and is buried in Unity Chapel cemetery. Kanto earthquake demolishes much of Tokyo. The Imperial Hotel survives. Wright publishes "Experimenting with Human Lives," concerning the earthquake and the Imperial Hotel. He marries Miriam Noel. Construction begins on the textile block houses in Los Angeles.

House for Charles Ennis, Los Angeles, CA

House for Samuel Freeman, Los Angeles, CA

La Miniatura House for Alice Millard, Pasadena, CA

House rebuilding for Nathan C. Moore, Oak Park, IL

House for John Storer, Los Angeles, CA


Wright separates from Miriam Noel. Louis Sullivan dies. Wright meets Olga Lazovich (Olgivanna.)


Second major fire occurs at Taliesin. Daughter Iovanna born to Wright and Olgivanna. Wright again rebuilds Taliesin.

Taliesin III, Spring Green, WI


The Bank of Wisconsin takes title to Taliesin, due to Wright's indebtedness. Wright and Olgivanna are arrested near Minneapolis for allegedly violating the Mann Act (a law which prevented minors from being taken across state lines - Wright and Olgivanna had her young daughter Svetlana with them in Minnesota). Wright starts work on his autobiography.


Wright is made an honorary member of the Academie Royale des Beaux Arts, Belgium. Wright begins a series of articles under the heading, "In the Cause of Architecture," subsequently published monthly in "The Architectural Record." Wright divorces Miriam Noel Wright. Travels with Olgivanna to Puerto Rico. Spends the winter in Phoenix, AZ with Olgivanna while working on the Arizona Biltmore Hotel.

Arizona Biltmore Hotel and Cottages, Phoenix, AZ

Greycliff House for Darwin D. Martin, Derby, NY

Ras-el-Bar, Beach Cottages, Damyat, Egypt (dem)


Wright marries Olgivanna at Rancho Santa Fe, California. Wright Inc. is formed by a group of Wright's friends who obtain title to Taliesin for Wright.

"Ocotilla," Frank Lloyd Wright's Desert Compound and Studio near Chandler, AZ (dem)


Wright is made an "Extraordinary Honorary Member" of the Akademie der Kunst, Berlin. Work continues on projects for Chandler, but following the stock-market crash on October 29, these projects come to a halt.

Camp Cabins for the Chandler Land Improvement Co., Chandler, AZ (dem)

House for Richard Lloyd Jones, Tulsa, Oklahoma


Wright delivers the Kahn lectures at Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, and publishes them under the title "Modern Architecture." Wright continues work on his autobiography and "The Disappearing City."


The Wrights visit Rio de Janeiro as guests of the Pan American Union to judge a series of designs for the Columbus Memorial. An exhibition of Wright's life work travels to New York City; Amsterdam; Berlin; Frankfurt; Brussels; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Eugene, Oregon; and Chicago. Wright published "The Hillside

Home School of the Allied Arts: Why we Want This School."


The Wrights found the Taliesin Fellowship and convert the Hillside Home School buildings at Hillside, WI, into the Taliesin Fellowship Complex. Wright published "An Autobiography" and "The Disappearing City." Wright is made an honorary member of the National Academy of Brazil. Exhibition of Wright's work is included in the "International Style" at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City.

Taliesin Fellowship Complex, Spring Green, WI


Hillside Playhouse, Spring Green, WI

House for Malcolm Willey, Minneapolis, MN


Wright and apprentices begin construction of a scale model of a section of Broadacre City. Wright meets future client Edgar Kaufmann. The first issue of "Taliesin" a magazine founded by Wright is published by the Taliesin Press.


Construction of the Broadacre City model continues at "La Hacienda" in Chandler, AZ. The completed model is exhibited at the Industrial Arts Exposition at Rockefeller Center, New York City.

Fallingwater House for Edgar J. Kaufmann, Bear Run, PA


Wright meets future client H.F. Johnson at Taliesin.

Honeycomb House for Paul R. and Jean Hanna, Stanford, CA

House for Herbert Jacobs, Madison, WI

SC Johnson Wax Administration Building, Racine, WI

Deertrack House for Mrs. Abby Beecher Roberts, Marquette, MI.


The Wrights are invited by the Soviet Union to attend the World Conference of Architects. Wright and author Baker Brownell write and publish "Architecture and Modern Life." Wright purchases approximately 800 acres of government land near Phoenix, AZ and design and construction of Taliesin West begins. The Taliesin Fellowship begins its annual migration between Wisconsin and Arizona.

Wingspread House for Herbert F. Johnson, Racine, WI Office for Edgar J. Kaufmann, Pittsburgh, PA (dismantled and on display at Victoria & Albert Museum, London)

House for Ben Rebhuhn, Great Neck Estates, NY

Taliesin West, Scottsdale, AZ


Wright designs the January issue of "Architectural Forum," which is dedicated to his work. Wright appears on the cover of "Time" magazine. Wright submits first design for "Olin Terraces" a civic complex in Madison overlooking Lake Monona.

Florida Southern College Master Plan for Dr. Ludd M. Spivey, Lakeland, FL.

Anne Pfeiffer Chapel, Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL

House for Ralph Jester, Palos Verdes, California (project) later executed for Arthur E. and Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, Scottsdale, AZ

Guest House for Edgar J. Kaufmann, Bear Run, PA

House for Charles Manson, Wausau, WI

Midway Barns and farm buildings, Taliesin, Spring Green, WI

Sun Top Homes for Otto Mallery and the Todd Company, Ardmore, PA


Wright is invited to London to delliver a series of lectures at The Sulgrave Manor Board. They are published as "An Organic Architecture." Wright is awarded an honorary master of arts by Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT.

House for L.N. Bell, Los Angeles, CA (project) later executed for Joe Feldmann, Berkeley, CA (1974)

House for Andrew F. H. Armstrong, Ogden Dunes, IN

House for Sidney Bazett, Hillsborough, CA

House for Joseph Euchtman, Baltimore, MD

House for Lloyd Lewis, Libertyville, IL

House for Rose and Gertrude Pauson, Phoenix, AZ

House for John C. Pew, Madison, WI

House for Loren Pope, Falls Church, VA

House for Stanley Rosenbaum, Florence, AL

House for Bernard Schwartz, Two Rivers, WI

Auldbrass House and Plantation buildings for Leigh Stevens, Yemassee, SC

House for George Sturges, Brentwood Heights, Los Angeles, CA

House for Katherine Winckler and Alma Goetsch, Okemos, MI


"The Work of Frank Lloyd Wright," a major retrospective exhibition is held at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City. Wright founds the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

House for Gregor Affleck, Bloomfield Hills, MI

House for Theodore Baird, Amherst, MA

House for James Christie, Bernardsville, NJ

Community Church, Kansas City, Missouri

Seminar Buildings, Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL

Gatehouse for Arch Oboler, Malibu, CA

House for Clarence Sondern, Kansas City, MO


Wright is made an honorary member of the Royal Institute of British Architects and receives The Royal Gold Medal for Architecture; the honors are conferred by King George VI. Wright is awarded the Sir George Watson Chair by the Royal Institute of British Architects and honored by the Sulgrave Manor Board. Wright and Frederick Gutheim publish "On Architecture". The second issue of "Taliesin" is published by the Taliesin Press. Five issues of "A Taliesin Square-Paper: A Nonpolitical Voice from Our Democratic Minority" are published by the Taliesin Press.

Roux Library, Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL

House for Roy Peterson, Racine, WI (project) later executed for Haddock, Ann Arbor, MI (1979)

Retreat for Arch Obolor, Malibu, CA

House for Stuart Richardson, Glen Ridge, NJ

Snowflake House for Carlton D. Wall, Detroit, MI


Wright is made an honorary member of the National Academy of Architects, Uruguay.

Industrial Arts Building, Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL


Wright publishes a revised edition of "An Autobiography" and publishes "Book Six: Broadacre City." Wright is made an honorary member of the National Academy of Architects of Mexico.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY (original design)

Farm Unit for Lloyd Lewis, Libertyville, IL


An issue of "A Taliesin Square-Paper" is published

Solar Hemicycle House for Herbert Jacobs, Middleton, WI

SC Johnson Wax Research Tower, Racine, WI


Wright published "When Democracy Builds". Two issues of "A Taliesin Square-Paper" are published.

Administration Building, Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL

Lodge for Arnold Friedman, Pecos, NM

House for Lowell Walter, Cedar Rock, Quasqueton, IA

Taliesin Dams, Spring Green, WI


Wright is made an honorary member of the National Academy of Finland. Stepdaughter Svetlana dies on September 30. An issue of "A Taliesin Square-Paper" is published.

House for Amy Alpaugh, Northport MI

Esplanades, Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL

House for Douglas Grant, Cedar Rapids, IA

House for Chauncey Griggs, Tacoma, WA

House for Dr. Alvin Miller, Charles City, IA

House for Melvyn Maxwell Smith, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Unitarian Meeting House, Shorewood Hills, WI


Wright is awarded an honorary doctorate of fine arts by Princeton University.

House for Dr. A.H. Bulbulian Rochester, Minnesota Dairy and Machine Shed, Midway Barns, Taliesin, Spring Green, WI

Parkwyn Village Housing Master Plan, Kalamazoo, MI

Usonia II Housing Master Plan, Pleasantville, NY


The January issue of "Architectural Forum" is dedicated to Wright's work. "Taliesin to Friends," a brochure, is published by The Taliesin Press.

House for Albert Adelman, Fox Point, WI

House for Carroll Alsop, Oskaloosa, IA

Additions to Sondern House for Arnold Adler, Kansas City, MO

House for Erling Brauner, Okemos, MI

House for Maynard Buehler, Orinda, CA

House for Samuel Eppstein, Galesburg, MI

Water Dome, Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL

House for Sol Friedman, Usonia II, Pleasantville, NY

House for Willis Hughs, Jackson, MS

Additions to Guest House for Edgar J. Kaufmann, Bear Run, PA

House for Herman T. Mossberg, South Bend IN

House for Jack Lamberson, Oskaloosa, IA

House for Robert Levin, Kalamazoo, MI

House for Curtis Meyer, Galesburg, MI

Gift Shop for V.C. Morris, San Francisco, CA

House for Eric Pratt, Galesburg, MI

Additions to House for Stanley Rosenbaum, Florence, AL

Boathouse and River Pavilion for Lowell Walter, Quasqueton, IA

House for David Weisblatt, Galesburg, MI

House for Charles T. Weltzheimer, Oberlin, OH

House for Mrs. Clinton Walker, Carmel, CA

Sun Cottage for Iovanna Lloyd Wright, Taliesin West, Scottsdale, AZ


Wright publishes "Genius and the Mobocracy". Wright is made an honorary member of the American National Institute of Arts and Letters. He is awarded the Gold Medal of the American Institute of Architects and the Gold Medal of the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Institute. Wright is awarded an honorary degree by The Peter Cooper Foundation for the Advancement of Art.

House for Howard Anthony, Benton Harbor, MI

House for Eric Brown, Kalamazoo, MI

Cabaret Theatre, Taliesin West, Scottsdale, AZ

House for James Edwards, Okemos, MI

House for Kenneth Laurent, Rockford, IL

House for Ward McCartney, Kalamazoo, MI

House for Henry J. Neils, Minneapolis, MN

House for Edward Serlin, Usonia II, Pleasantville, NY


Wright is awarded an honorary doctorate of laws by Florida Southern College, Lakeland; and the Centennial Award by "Popular Mechanics" magazine.

House for Robert Berger, San Anselmo, CA

House for Raymond Carlson, Phoenix, AZ

House for John O. Carr, Glenview, IL

House for Dr. Richard Davis, Marion, IN

House for S.P. Elam, Austin Minnesota

House for John A. Gillin, Dallas, Texas

House for Dr. Ina Harper, St. Joseph, MI

House for John Haynes, Fort Wayne IN

House for Thomas E. Keys, Rochester, MN

House for Arthur Mathews, Atherton, CA

House for Robert Muirhead, Plato Center, IL

House for William Palmer, Ann Arbor, MI

House for Wilbur Pearce, Bradbury, CA

House for Don Schaberg, Okemos, MI

House for Seymour Shavin, Chattanooga, TN

House for Richard Smith, Jefferson, WI

Southwest Christian Seminary for Peyton Canary, Glendale AZ (project) later executed for the First Christian Church, Phoenix, AZ (1973)

House for Karl A. Staley, North Madison, OH

House for J.A. Sweeton, Cherry Hill, NJ

House for Robert Winn, Kalamazoo, MI

House for David Wright, Phoenix, AZ

House for Isadore J. Zimmerman, Manchester, NH


Wright and his apprentices design and construct an exhibition of Wright's work entitled "Sixty Years of Living Architecture." It includes models, photomurals, and original drawings. The show opens at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence. Wright is awarded the Medici Medal, conferred by the city of Florence. The Star of Solidarity is awarded to Wright in the Doge's Palace in Venice. Wright opens a West Coast office in San Francisco with Aaron Green, Associate.

House for Benjamin Adelman, Phoenix, AZ

House for Gabrielle Austin, Greenville, SC

Summer Cottage for A.K. Chahroudi, Lake Mahopac, NY

House for W.L. Fuller, Pass Christian, MS (dem. by Hurricane Camile)

House for Charles F. Glore, Lake Forest, IL

House for Patrick Kinney, Lancaster, WI

House for Russell Kraus, Kirkwood, MO

House for Roland Reisley, Usonia II, Pleasantville, NY

House for Dr. Nathan Rubin, Canton, OH

Wetmore Auto Service Station Remodeling, Ferndale, MI


The exhibition "Sixty Years of Living Architecture" travels from Florence to Zurich, Paris, Munich, and Rotterdam. A fire partly destroys Wright's Hillside Home School buildings in Spring Green, WI

Anderton Court Shops, Beverly Hills, CA

House for Quentin Blair, Cody, WY

House for Ray Brandes, Issaquah, WA

Hillside Theatre, Spring Green, WI

House for George Lewis, Tallahassee, FL

House for R.W. Lindholm, Cloquet, MN

House for Luis Marden, McLean, VA

House for Arthur Pieper, Paradise Valley, AZ

Price Tower for the H.C. Price Company, Bartlesville, OK

House for Frank Sander, Stamford, CT

Studio-Residence for Archie Teater, Bliss, ID


The exhibition "Sixty Years of Living Architecture" is on view in Mexico City and New York. Wright is made an honorary member of the Akademie Royal des Beaux Arts, Stockholm; and an honorary member of the National Academy of Finland. Wright publishes "The Future of Architecture." Hugh Downs interviews Wright for television.

Cottage for Jorgine Boomer, Phoenix, AZ

House for Andrew B. Cooke, Virginia Beach, VA

House for John Dobkins, Canton, OH

Science and Cosmography Building, Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL

House for Lewis Goddard, Plymouth, MI

House for Louis Penfield, Willoughby Hills, OH

House for Harold Price, Jr., Bartlesville, OK

Taliesin West Sign, Taliesin, Scottsdale, AZ

Riverview Terrace Restaurant, Spring Green, WI

Usonian Exhibition House and Pavilion for "Sixty Years of Living Architecture" New York, NY (dismantled)

House for Robert Llewellyn Wright, Bethesda, MD


The Exhibition "Sixty Years of Living Architecture" concludes its run at Wright's Hollyhock House in Los Angeles. Wright is awarded a citation and Brown Medal by The Franklin Institute of Philadelphia. Wright is awarded an honorary doctorate of fine arts by Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. Wright publishes "The Natural House."

House for E. Clarke Arnold, Columbus, WI

House for Bachman and Wilson, Millstone, NJ

Beth Sholom Synagogue, Elkins Park, PA

House for Cedric Boulter, Cincinnati, OH

House for John E. Christian, West Lafayette, IN

House for Ellis Feiman, Canton, OH

Danforth Chapel, Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL

House for Louis B. Frederick, Barrington Hill, IL

House for Dr. Maurice Greenberg, Dousman, WI

House for I.N. Hagan, Chalkhill, PA

Auto Showroom for Max Hoffman, New York, NY

House for Willard Keland, Racine, WI

Exhibition Pavilion for Los Angeles, CA

Grandma House for Harold Price, Paradise Valley, AZ

House for William Thaxton, Houston, TX

House for Gerald Tonkens, Cincinnati, OH

Guest House for David Wright, Phoenix, AZ

Hotel Plaza Apartment Remodeling for Frank Lloyd Wright, New York, NY


Wright is awarded an honorary doctorate of fine arts by the University of Wisconsin, Madison; an honorary degree by the Technische Hochschule of Darmstadt, Germany; and an honorary degree by the Technische Hochschule of Zurich, Switzerland. Wright and Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., publish "An American Architecture." Wright opens office and residence in New York City, "Taliesin East" at the Plaza Hotel.

Dallas Theatre Center for Paul Baker, Dallas, TX

House for Randall Fawcett, Los Banos, CA

House for Max Hoffman, Rye, NY

House for Dr. Toufic Kalil, Manchester, NH

Kundert Medical Clinic, San Luis Obispo, CA

House for Don Lovness, Stillwater, MN

House for T.A. Pappas, St. Louis, MO

House for John Rayward, New Canaan, CT

House for Robert H. Sunday, Marshaltown, IA

House for W.B. Tracy, Normandy Park, WA

House for Dr. Dorothy Turkel, Detroit MI


Wright publishes "The Story of the Tower". Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago declares October 17 "Frank Lloyd Wright Day." Wright presents the "Mile High IL" at an exhibition at the Hotel Sherman in Chicago.

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Wauwatosa, WI

House for Frank Bott, Kansas City, MO

House for Allen Friedman, Bannockburn, IL

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, final revised scheme, New York, NY

House for Frank Iber, Stevens Point, WI

House for Arnold Jackson, Beaver Dam, WI

Lindholm Service Station, Cloquet, MN

Clinic for Dr. Kenneth Meyers, Dayton, OH

House for Joseph Mollica, Bayside, WI

House for Carl Post, Barrington, IL

Music Pavilion, Taliesin West Scottsdale, AZ

House for Dudley Spencer, Brandywine Head, DE

House for Dr. Paul Trier, Des Moines, IA

House for Eugene Van Tamelen, Madison, WI

Wyoming Valley School, Wyoming Valley, WI


Wright is invited to Baghdad, Iraq, to design an opera house, cultural center, museum, university, and postal-telegraph building. The Wright's visit London, Paris and Cairo. Wright publishes "A Testament." Wright is interviewed twice on television by Mike Wallace in New York City.

House for William Boswell, Cincinnati, OH

Clinic for Herman Fasbender, Hastings, MN

House for C.E. Gordon, Aurora, OR

Juvenile Cultural Study Center, University of Wichita, KS

House for Sterling Kinney, Amarillo, TX

House for James B. McBean, Rochester, MN

Marin County Civic Center and Post Office, San Rafael, CA

Rayward Playhouse for Victoria and Jennifer Rayward, New Canaan, CT

House for Walter Rudin, Madison, WI

House for Carl Schultz, St. Joseph, MI

House for Dr. Robert Walton, Modesto, CA

House for Duey Wright, Wausau, WI


Wright publishes "The Living City." Wright is awarded the Gold Medal by the National Concrete Masonry Association.

House for Dr. George Ablin, Bakersfield, CA

Lockridge Medical Clinic, Whitefish, MT

Cottage for Donald and Virginia Lovness, Stillwater, MN

House for Paul Olfelt, St. Louis Park, MN

Cottage for Seth C. Peterson, Lake Delton, WI

Pilgrim Congregational Church, Redding, CA

Additions to House for John Rayward, New Canaan, CT

House for Don Stromquist, Bountiful, UT


Wright begins work on a history of architecture for teenagers. It is to be called "The Wonderful World of Architecture." Wright dies on April 9 in Arizona. Services, officiated by the minister of the Madison Unitarian Society, are held on April 12 at Taliesin near Spring Green. Wright is buried at Unity Chapel cemetary. In 1985, Wright's remains are exhumed, cremated and sent to Arizona to be placed with those of his recently deceased widow.

Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

House for Norman Lykes, Phoenix, AZ

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